Tithonus Reflection – Tennyson

In this poem, we learn of a man who wishes for immortality, however; he regrets his wish and is unable to reverse the granted wish bestowed upon him. This poem is a representation of the mans pain onging for which he wants his life to end, which every human should experience at the closing point of their life. He states that ‘happy men have the power to die’ something he cannot do and therfore expresses himself as unhappy through this. The poem gives the mans present state of mind and feeling towards his situation of immortality then goes on to show his previous life before his immortality and how he bacame so content and confindent with himself he thought he should last forever. Firstly, the man explains how around him all seems to be withering and dying; completing the cycle of life, something which he so longs for but is never able to complete. he descirbes in the first stanza how the trees around him ‘decay’ something which he experiences but unlike the trees completes with death, which he so longs for and what the poem expands on throughout. The man explains how he cannot fear death or cry beacuse of it. he must mearly sit by and watch those who do, however; the man fears hsi eternal fate “the Gods cannot recall their gifts.” is said to scare the man into the realisation that he is stuck in his immortality forever. 

The initial feeling of immortality, the man describes, to be something amazing, describiing his blood to ‘glow’. Yet into the last stanza the man is pleading to be released and that only ‘happy men ahve the power to die’ and in him not dieing he is eternally unhappy. 


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